Framing Hammers

Framing Hammers

A hammer is not always just a hammer. Different jobs have different hammers to be used. Framing hammers are those kinds of hammers that are designed for a specific task.  I will be describing various types of the framing hammers available and the specific task they are used for.

Framing hammers are large hammers that have claw designs; their weights fall within the range of twenty five to thirty five ounce.  The hammer has a long handle.  The essence of this handle is to make it easy to swing the hammer.

The head of the framing hammers  are also milled. This is the addition of a design that looks like a waffle is added to it.  The nails that the framing hammers encounters during a framing process have a milled effect at the head.  So with the head of the hammer milled there is less possible of the hammer slipping off the head of the nail in the process.Also there will be less swing needed to drive the nail into the destination as a result of the milled head of the framing hammers. Most of the framing hammers are made of steel. This will help to keep them intact for a number of uses.  The handle attached to them is made of wood unlike the head. This wood is treated to help it stay usable for a long period of time.  You can use the framing hammer for just any kind of work that is attached to framing.  If you have a coming soon you can check on the stores and gets your self one of the brands of framing harmer, you can choose from one of the hart framing hammers.

If you intent to use this hammer the future it will be advisable that you seek for a brand that you trust. You can consider buying an estwing framing hammer. The estwing framing hammers can be traced back to 1923.  They produce framing hammers are in line with the present trend in the technology and as well not in the high side of price. The estwing family redefined the framing hammers raising the standards of the hammers in terms of shape and designs.  The hammers are designed in such a way that the whole bulk weight is concentrated on the milled head of the hammer.The titanium framing hammers is another choice you can make. These hammers are designed in such a way that they are lighter than others around. Where others weigh an average of twenty nine ounces, the titanium weighs sixteen ounces. With the aid of this kind of framing hammer you find the work easier and faster.

There are now light weights framing hammers in the market. As a result of the weight you can work faster and easier. The lighter the weight the less tiring it is for whoever is using the hammer and so can work more.Be informed that this lightweight framing hammers might be a little on the high side of cost, but considering the less strain that your arm will go through; I believe it is worth every penny put into it.